Microscopic Examination

The examination of swabs taken from the ears and skin can be very useful for the treatment and management of conditions affecting these areas. Additionally urine samples examined by microscope can allow us more appropriate control methods for urinary problems. The practice has a modern binocular microscope allowing magnification up to 1000x.

The other laboratory equipment held by the practice includes a centrifuge and refractometer. This enables a more detailed investigation or urinary and other problems.

Of course, despite all this equipment, there are some laboratory examinations that we cannot carry out within the surgery. For these we use a number of outside laboratories with whom we have developed a professional relationship over the years.

The practice has developed a system to make sure that you are informed of the outcomes of any tests performed depending on your pet’s condition this would normally be by e-mail or by letter or at the next examination. In acute situations you will be informed by telephone by the vet.