Arthritis Treatment


Developed and manufactured in the UK


Osteoarthritis in Dogs & Cats

A gradual, long term and unfortunately progressive condition can occur with joints, which is known as osteoarthritis (OA).

Previous injury or simply wear and tear can lead to joints becoming inflamed and painful. As the disease progresses it can lead to wear and breakdown of the protective cartilage. This can expose the underlying bone which no longer has a friction-free covering leading to more pain. Fragments of diseased cartilage in the synovial fluid can compromise its lubricating action which can lead to less efficient cushioning of forces and so the whole process can be self perpetuating without veterinary intervention.

How do I know if my pet is suffering from Osteoarthritis?

Typical signs include:

  • stiffness especially after a period of rest following exercise
  • inability to jump into the car or onto a chair
  • cats groom themselves less
  • advanced cases will show lameness, pain, swollen joints or even aggression

Nutraquin contains:

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride – the purest form of Glucosamine – an important building block for cartilage that helps cartilage act as a shock absorber
  • Chrondroiton – helps maintain synovial fluid viscosity
  • Vitamin C that is required to produce collagen
  • Zinc to promote healing & aid collagen production

Nutraquin+ also contains:

  • Boswellia, which is a plant extract which plays an important role in maintaining smooth & comfortable joint