Lungworm Protection

The canine lungworm (Angiostrongylusvasorum) has for years been considered a parasite endemic in the milder wetter parts of the UK eg SW England & S Wales. Recent years have seen the territory of this parasite extend further northwards. There was a recent case recorded in the Scottish Borders, confirming that the parasite now has a reservoir of infection in Scottish wildlife.

The worm uses snails & slugs as an intermediate host &dogs are infected by ingesting these animals. The clinical signs include coughing, lethargy, bleeding & death Visit for more details.

What can we do about this “new” threat to our dogs?

1. Restrict access to the intermediate hosts by checking toys and feeding/watering bowls left outside. (NB it should be noted that in the majority of confirmed cases the owners have NOT seen their dog ingest slugs or snails)

2. Use a veterinary medicine licensed to control lungworm infection in dogs.

This practice recommends the use of Advocate

This product applied once a month throughout the year will provide maximum protection against this insidious parasite.

The cost of this treatment can exceed £150 per year for a medium sized dog.

Members of the Pet Health Club can spread the cost and benefit from the usual discount as follows:

Upgrade to Health Club Plus:

Size of Dog Up to 10kg 10.1-20kg 20.1-30kg 30.1-40kg
Additional monthly payment £7.99 £8.99 £10.99 £11.49