Welcome to our Pet Health Club


The practice is pleased to announce the launch of our Pet Health Club. Membership of the plan allows our clients to provide a high level of preventative care for their pets and pay for it in convenient monthly instalments.

What’s Included?


  • Vaccinations. The major infectious debilitating and deadly diseases of dogs cats and rabbits can be prevented by annual booster vaccinations. Our free reminder service will inform you by email or letter when the next vaccination is due. You can upgrade to include Feline Leukaemia (cats) for a small additional monthly charge.
  • Worming. Regular worming of pets is important for both their health and the health of other animals and humans. Dogs and cats who enjoy an outdoor life are at additional risk of catching worms; indoor pets including rabbits also benefit from regular de-worming. The plan includes 4 worming doses per year; text alerts and email reminders when doses are due are included in the cost.
  • Flea and tick treatment. These parasites live on the skin and are a seasonal disease; we recommend regular treatment from May until November. Your year’s treatment will be supplied in April and we will advise that it is ready to collect by email or letter. Our free reminder service will send text alerts and/or emails when each treatment is due.
  • Veterinary examinations. Your pet will be examined by a vet at vaccination and at one other six monthly check. On each occasion we will carefully check your pet’s weight in order to ensure that all flea and worm dosing is accurate.
  • Plan members are eligible to receive a further 5% off their first year of cover with Vetsure Pet Insurance®
  • Additionally club members will receive a 10% discount on our Proplan range of dog and cat food and our Nutraquin joint supplement.
  • Members also get 10% off neutering.

Additional Benefits and Costs

In addition to all these all these benefits for your pets, there are benefits for yourself.

  • Spread the cost with convenient monthly direct debits.
  • Pay last year’s prices for this year’s health care ie because you are committing to next year’s healthcare we can offer it at this year’s prices.
Cats Dogs 0-10kg Dogs 10-20kg Dogs 20-30kg Dogs 30-40kg
£8.69 £9.99 £11.29 £12.59 £13.99

Pet Health Club Plus:

Cats Dogs 0-10kg Dogs 10-20kg Dogs 20-30kg Dogs 30-40kg
£9.99* £18.69 £20.99 £24.59 £26.49

*including Feline Leukaemia Vaccination
**Health Club Plus includes lungworm protection